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M8 with 35mm pre ASPH


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Has anybody got any experience of using the fourth version of the 35mm cron f2 with their M8. Any flare problems etc. Love to see some images if you have them!

Not sure if I should go for one.


I am using it and I love the much acclaimed bokeh it gives me. I sometimes see a tendency for abberation around out of focus objects against a very bright background, but overall I am very pleased with the results. Moreover, it is a very compact lens, whle at the same time fast, so as a user lens it is very handy.


Carl E

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The majority of the photographs on my gallery have been taken with the lens you describe. I am also sure that you will find the Zenfolio picture quality acceptable as the site stores the images without compression. The results I get are fine to me and I saw no reason to upgrade to the asph. I only have two lenses, a 35 mm Summicron and a 90 mm Elmarit and they were both purchased when I aquired the M6. It is said that a 35 and a 90 are all the lenses you need for a photographic trip around the world. With the my M6 they are as they are, when 50 and 110 with the M8 I still find them ideal for my needs.

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Jimbo, this lens is particularly prone to problems with flare and I moved to the asph version because of it. I photog a lot of dance in performance, so oncoming light is a constant problem for me.


the asph is a magnificent lens.

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This lens is so much better than 35/2 cron asph on M8.

It is much sharper. It practically has no light fall-off in combination with M8 (? due to very large rare element). I have never had problems with distortions of flare.


A full res image could be found here:

Flickr Photo Download: cronplants-1000465

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