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New born deer


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In itself it is rather disturbing that you could approach this young: they should flee or lay flat at first sign of human beings. Last week I bumped into a mother and young and the mother fled some distance, but the young just disappeared right in front of me between some ferns. Even at close inspection, I couldn't find it. Later on, I saw it with mother, quietly walking away.

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Even with a 200mm you'd be too close for comfort. It will probably be a sad story for this little Bambi, but that's nature. I'm a volunteer ranger at the local reserve and during winter some 20% could die from cold and hunger. But in the end it evens out: now we've got eagles (absolute rare bird in Holland).

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The deer are very tame here. They wander in our yards as if they own the place. I have gotten quite close before they leave. One even put its head into our diningroom so we bought a screen door to keep him out. I love to shoot them with the camera but many people out here would love to shoot them with guns to get rid of them eating up their gardens.


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