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1.4x Viewfinder magnifier fault


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This message is intended to be a warning following my realization that my fairly new viewfinder eyepiece magnifier, fitted to my M8 camera, nearly disappeared. It appears that the pin in the anchor ring on the lens barrel became detached, unbeknown to me. It probably happened during a rare removal to enable a wide angle lens to be used. Fortunately I had stowed the lens, still with attachment cord, into its little leather case. It was only when I went to refit the magnifier that I realize the cord was no longer attached. Worse, the rear locking ring was also missing. Had I left it dangling on the camera I would almost certainly have lost the whole unit. It is difficult to determine which happened first, lost pin or unscrewed locking ring, but the consequences could be a fairly expensive loss. Has anyone else suffered a similar experience?


Thanks to Frank Foster, from whom I purchased the item, he contacted Leica for me and I have since returned the item to Leica UK. That was a kindly act in view of his recent retirement.


I posted this warning in the Customer Forum but I sense there are fewer visitors to that area. Possibly more M8 users frequent this forum.

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When I've got my 1.25 Leica magnifier i screwed it to the camera and fixed the attachment cord to the camera itself. It lasted no more than a week, than the ring on the magnifier broke and the cord got loose. I wasn't able to fix it up so I have no more used it so far. The magnifier is still in its place but I agree that the cord that should avoid loosing an expensive accessory is really bad built.

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I have a 1.25 and apparently was hard on it. I managed to rupture the (leather?) umbilical, so retired the (cute) little leather pouch to my Leica Stuff Drawer and use the two, small catches with 4 pieces of floss as the tether.


Works fine. Floss is really tuff stuff.


Great magnifer.

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