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What's in M9?- Dissection Raffle


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Is M9 simply an M8 with a bigger sensor? What sits inside?

How about asking the Dissector-in-Residence, Mr Norton , to perform the big one?

If he kindly agrees, he should be provided with a unit. This could come from a raffle. The unit after being put back into one piece by Mr Norton could go to the winning number.

I think a 50 euro ticket should do it. How about that?

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So at 4800 euro's for a M9 that would be 96 tickets. Plus tax, whatever, and shipping lets say a even 100 or 110 tickets. 50 euro's is how much in US dollars today?

Count me in. If this raffle comes off, IE if it happens, I want one of the tickets. As I'm the first to respond to this thread

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Actually in te USA the camera goes for $6995. Ordered from another state there is no tax. So that makes it $69.95 for each ticket with 100 tickets sold. If PayPal is used to collect the money plus shipping, handling and PayPal fees we would need to sell approximately 110 tickets at the $69.95 for a total of $7694+/-, minus the PayPal fees and adding in shipping.

If PayPal fees are 8%, which although I use PayPal I'm not sure of there real percentage cost we would need to sell 110 tickets at about $73 each.


Like I said count me in as $73 isn't much for a chance to win a M9. In fact I'll buy 2 tickets. I spent $71 yesterday for me and a lady friend to play golf and that only lasted 4 hours.

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