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Leica collector edition cameras...


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I think the M8 specifically is a dud as far as collector's are concern. I don't agree that digital cameras can't be collected. I have a R-D1s and for awhile now it has steadily increase in value, I have sold my M8 and will never sell my R-D1s. Reason: True Uniqueness, NOT just a PAINT JOB!


I don't foresee ANY company in the future to use analogue dials, a film rewind lever or analogue LED shutter speeds in the finder, flip LCD to minimize its digital distraction, etc in the future, so I think this camera will keep on to its uniqueness indefinitely and hence add to its value as time goes on as it becomes rarer.


Don't get me wrong, I am getting a M9, not to collect, but to use. And when the M10 comes out one day, I may upgrade again, but the M9 doesn't look collectible either.


But if they bring out a special edition M9 that has some special function: like the little LCD screen like the one on the top plate of the M8, other framelines, better yet, digitally projected framelines or a silly "film rewind lever" like the R-D1 or a extra better LCD, IS or something else functional, innovative or at least nostalgic then it may become collectible yet.

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