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Three separate worlds


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In my imagination/interpretation, the woman is daydreaming about Roma, the working stiff on the right is imagining a nice walk along the streets of San Francisco – & the fellow at the left is momentaily drawing a blank.




M8u 40 Summicron


(PS: Processed with a bit of help from PhotoKit Creative Sharpener, to make all three figures equally sharp.)

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Great shot. and sad in so many ways, somewhat of a commentary on the "metropolis", it often seem to me that the European cafe scene is much more social than here. Though since I left almost 20 years ago, Im hardly the one to say for sure. but the big cities can be a very lonely experience in the middle of a few million people.



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Thank you to everyone who's commented!


Amado, my guess is that I focused on the window frame, & when photographing people on the shady side of the street I'd be using 320 & f4.5. All I sharpened was the 2 farther faces – the back wall & plant are 'sort of' in focus, but the faces, I thought, should be equal in sharpness.


I hope the sadness is more in the angle of the photograph than in the people. It's nice that in a sidewalk-cafe neighborhood people can take their work (2 have paper in front of them) & their thoughts or worries to a hospitable place to sit, drink coffee, & explore their thoughts & feelings.



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