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ajuruteua beach


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hi geoff, tom and ece,


thank you for your kind words, i'm very glad you liked my shot.

how wonderful would it be to have such beaches close to leipzig ... :-)

this one i liked a lot - unfortunately a bit too far for going there every weekend - ajuruteua is northern brazil, sigh ... here are two more from the same beach.





ps - geoff, congrats to your leipzig-colditz pictures, i esepcially liked the 'late evening light' shots - wonderful tones ...

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thank you very much, virgil!


i was quite intrigued by light there. we were close to the equator, so, as you know, the sun rose and set very quickly. the first hour and so after sunrise and before sun set offered truly magical moments - a strong, yet still soft light that produced this special 'vibe' ... :-)


btw - i felt that under these lighting conditions the m8 sensor was sometimes stretched to its limits to capture the dynamic range of those images, e.g. in the first image look at the footsteps in the sand in the bottom-left corner. i had to do some tweaking to recover some blown highlights. same with the sky on the right-hand side of image two ...




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