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Leather Colour & Resale for M's


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Apologies if this has been asked before but what's the consensus on non-standard leather colours for re-covered film M's?


I have an M7 that's just beginning to lift the original covering at the top/bottom front - nothing significant or problematic but I suspect caused by a combination of age and perhaps different humidity in it's life before I got it. I think I'm going to have CameraLeather recover it for me and obviously that means I have a vast choice of coverings.


I'm tempted to go for something other than black vulcanite this time around and blue/green appeal to me personally. However, any thoughts on desirability of such a camera if I decided to sell in the future with a relatively conservative coloured leather vs std vulcanite or perhaps GripTac? Would you buy a blue or green finished chrome camera vs a standard black finish?


I know what I'd do but then again I wouldn't be the buyer next time around. Thoughts?

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Thanks for the feedback. A green covering was actually the prime option for me with the issue being the best shade - British Racing Green, Sequoia Green (darker) or Jade. The cameraleather.com web site shows the BR Green as being a lot lighter than real BR Green that I know. Has anyone tried any of these?


I might give pink a miss though :eek:

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I think you should get what makes you feel good and forget about a potential buyer. The cost to change a cover is trivial.


Personally I'm conservative. There's a really nice MP on sale at photo.net at the moment with a ghastly red cover but it wouldn't stop me buying it if I needed another MP (and red is my favorite color). I'd just replace the cover with Griptac. :)

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