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Those are some of my favorite photos from a recent abroad course I took in Italy. The majority of them are from Siena, but some are from Rome, Milan, Pisa, and Florence.


Comments and criticisms would be much appreciated. I've shot for about 3-4 years now with a dSLR, and I've traded it all for my Leica and had it with me for the past 7-8 weeks for this trip. I've never really posted my photos on a photo enthusiast forum, so here goes!


Thanks for looking.

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Welcome! great fotos of people & things! lovely B&W -- hard to choose a favorite: maybe the Pantheon interior . . . you don't say exactly what your equipment was. :)


Thank you!


I always thought it was a little silly to list in detail the camera, lense, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, film type, photographer height, mood, humidity etc.


But because it's a Leica forum, they were taken with an M8 with a 15mm CV lense, while a few of those were the 35 1.2 CV.

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