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My M9 tweak request for Leica

Jamie Roberts

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This is a simple thing, but I don't know if it can be done or not...


I don't have an M9. But the raw files I've seen have, once again, very small JPEG previews in them.


I would like Leica to, please, consider adding larger (half-size or even full-size) JPEG previews in the DNG.


Why? Three reasons:


1) Chimping on the camera from a large RAW file (like the 36mb uncompressed RAW) is really slow; having a large JPEG to chimp from (and zoom in etc...) could really help preview performance


2) Previewing or editing M9 DNGs afterward on a computer with programs like PhotoMechanic or BreezeBrowser or Expressions Media would be many, many times faster, because those programs rely on the preview JPEG to make them perform quickly.


3) On occasion where a CF card was corrupted, I was able to recover usable shots from a Nikon RAW file due to the full-res JPEG preview they include in the RAW file. A very nice "safety" feature.


I hope, if it's possible given the DNG format, that Leica considers this.

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There's no restriction in terms of the DNG format. Possible there's a processing time or write to memory card restriction.




Hey Sandy, thanks for the info!


I'm figuring if the camera can write DNG + JPEG they could do this as well... though it may be slow before the throughput is optimised more. Something weird is going on there since they're not taking advantage of faster SD cards, evidently...

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