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Dust under LCD screen


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The plastic LCD screen on the M8 has been protected by plastic adhesive from day one, so no scratches. But there is dust under the screen, which has accessed from inside the camera.


Has anyone else experience this? I've kept it pretty clean and dust free yet it looks like it's caught a gust in a sandstorm.


Is the upgrade option still available to replace the plastic cover with sapphire?


And please don't suggest I just buy an M9 because I'd keep the M8 anyway ;)




Oh, bottom left is the area of the screen that's got dusty.

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I got dust... it was there when I got it. But according to the first owner, a Giottos screen was in place since day one. Mine appears on the top right corner. Kinda irritating I know, but I know there's a DIY fix for this though I forgot how exactly. Read about it when I searched Google before since this happened with my Pentax K100D as well. Top right corner too. I think it has something to do with using a hair dryer and a suction cup. Heat the edges, use the suction cup to remove the LCD cover, clean, then replace. Forgot how to replace it though, whether it was reheating, or using glue or something. Forgot how to clean it as well, if it was a blower or a piece of cloth.

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The rear LCD cover will come off with the application of some heat from a hair dryer. I had this happen when I had a Giottos glass cover crack and mine popped off when I applied heat and tried to remove the broken glass. I suspect that you'd need to pull the LCD with something sticking on the plastic as that's how mine came off. There's no real edge to grab without the likelihood of causing damage.


It also had very fine dust ingress in one corner too - it looked like very very fine dust that appeared like it had blown in from the corner. A quick clean and pushing the LCD cover back on and everything was as good as new.

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While "Popping off" your LCD cover sounds as easy as a hair dryer and a suction cup... Be wary of such adventures... The LCD cover was designed to be put in place as a hermetically sealed unit... once you pop it off the original seal is broken... unless you are trained to "Pop it back on" in a fashion that seals it up perfectly you now have a high probability of suffering the dreaded coffee ring syndrome where condensation enters through a poorly sealed LCD cover and create a even more irritating screen view than a speck of dust... :cool:


I would suggest borrowing a friends hand held vibrator (Not one of those high powered units!) and try to dislodge the speck manually:D

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i think this is very interesting. if dust has got in then it's probably not quite hermetically sealed and will get the coffee ring appearing eventually anyway.


But the dust could have been in there to begin with from the production process and just moved to where it can be seen now...

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Some of you will have seen this picture before. The LCD unit is seated in a well in the rear casting bedded into some kind of very thin rubber sheet around the frame to create a dust seal.


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You can see that the LCD panel is clamped in position at the right using two screws, with the 5 buttons behind the plate and the flex print connnector coming through the slot. At the left, the central plate secures the thumbwheel assembly and the plate surrounding it clamps the other end of the LCD.


The flex print connects the menu button, the red LED and the thumbwheel to the rest of the camera. The shape of the left hand clamping plate is there to provide spring action for the thumbwheel. You can just see a ball bearing being pressed into position against a ribbed surface on the back of the thumb wheel to provide the detent.


To clean the screen, you need to disassemble the camera to get to this stage, then undo the 6 screws (which are in extremely tight, apparently with thread lock) and the LCD will then just lift out. What you have to hope is that the rubber seal is not part-stuck to the LCD panel so that it does not disintegrate when you do so.

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In my case it was a 'holy crap' moment ... I quickly took advantage of the fact that the cover came off to use a blower on the LCD and then pressed the cover back on. It stuck. Now I suppose at some point it might not have stuck forever but I actually upgraded that camera with the sapphire glass back & framelines.


Like I said earlier - I'm not recommending this approach, just saying what happened in my case.

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