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Re: Testing the EPSON V350 photo scanner: automatic options


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As said before, I am starting with film photography with my leica R8 using Fuji Velvia film. But I need to learn also how to scan my pictures. Hence this thread.


The next step after testing dpi settings is to test the automatic options.

The technical data of my scanner is optical resolution 4800x9600 (interpolated is 12.800x12.800, but what the hell is interpolated resolution?) , density 3.2D. I have used the EPSON scanner software and ACDSee Photo manager for editing the pictures. I have scanned the picture at the following settings: 48 bit colour, 3200 ppp and that gives a file of 72 MB and 12 Mpix in size (2900x4350). I have saved the scanned files as TIFF files, and then save them as jpeg. The options tested are the unsharp mask, the "restaure colours" option, the "correct grey" (claroscuro in spanish) one, and the reduce granularity one (medium settings). I have added a new option in each of the pic, so the first one is no options, the second one is unsharp mask on, the third unsharp and restaure colour on, the fourth ads the grey correction and the fifth adds the granularity.


Here is the picture used:




And these are the results using a cropped detail for comparison. From left to right: no options. unsharp mask, restaure colours, correct grey scale, and reduce granularity.




My take: always unsharp mask on and restaure colour on. The two others either irrelevant or case by case option. But of course, if you have time, it will always be better to search for the optimal settings.


Yet again, I hope this is useful to someone starting with film photography.

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