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Using a collapsible Summicron on an M8


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While going through my old Leica stuff, I found I still had a fairly old collapsible Summicron lens that I used to use on the M2 and M3. Details are "Summicron f=5cm 1:2 Nr. 1327463 Ernst Leitz GmbH Wetzlar". It's an "M-mount" lens, and more importantly to me right now, I have an extremely dark red filter I can barely see through, that I may have bought a lifetime ago when I was very interested in infrared photos.


I know it should be fine to use this lens on the M8 when it's extended, but is it safe to collapse the lens while it's on the M8? I don't want to learn the hard way that I "shouldn't have tried this".


Actually, a better question for me to ask, is where does one go to find out which lenses are safe to use on the M8 (and M9).


I'll attach a photo of the lens - boy, things sure have changed! This lens is HEAVY, no doubt due to all the steel that was used!

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