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Oh, drat. And I just ordered a new set of Leica earbuds, too.



Thanks, Rob; in hindsight, that should have been obvious, I guess. But do you name that as a separate part? :confused: "No, it doesn't have a mic, but it does have a speaker!"


James, I think your idea is better than mere piddling beeps. Have you spoken to Solms' marketing department? :)

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A microphone can be useful in some cases even if the camera doesn't shoot video, you could use it to add some voice annotation to your pictures for example.


I guess the speaker is there just to make some faked shutter click sounds or buzz for focus/operation confirmation etc.

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

Downloadable? "Lens Tones"? :eek:


lj--Brilliant idea! Available online at both the Leica X1 and iTunes stores.


"Skins" as well, to avoid the question of "Why only chrome?"


And different colors for the external finder, to match the skins. (Black handgrip will likely match everything.)


Man, Leica can make a ton of money off this product! :p


Thus spake the preacher: "Marketing marketingorum, omnia marketing."

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