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28mm Elmarit + filter question

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Hi everyone,


Got a question about filter sizes and such. Here is a picture of my Elmarit-M 2,8/28mm lens in question, s/n 2977899:




After purchasing this lens, I ordered a "series 7" filter for it from B&H Photo. This was the size the seller recommended. Well the filter arrived and there's no threads on it to screw it onto the lens! So that was weird, I've never seen a filter without threads. That one went back the next day obviously.


Next, I carefully measured the front element's diameter and selected a 49mm slim B&W UV filter instead. So this new filter arrived yesterday and I took off the rectangular hood (#12536) and screwed the filter in place-- yeah it fit! But uh oh, now the hood won't go on. It was either / or, but not both. Eventually I figured out that if I attached the hood first and forced the filter through the front of it, I could carefully screw it on. Shouldn't there be a better way though? What am I missing?


Thanks, Mike

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No problem, Mike; just don't force anything! A series VII filter needs a series VII holder, which may be a 2-part hood. Drop the 49mm filter into the holder BACK_TO FRONT, and hey presto--you have a series 7 filter. I hope this helps?

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Hello Mike,

I'm not an expert for the 28mm Elmarit, but I suppose you have an Elmarit v3 that don't need Serie VII filters.You need an other hood to use the Serie VII filters (12501). Perhaps the outer diameter of your filter is to big because it should be possible to use a filter and the hood at the same time.

best regards Marc

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