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Neopan 400 in Ilfotec DD-X

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Just a quickie; Neopan in DD-X? What film speed/DD-X times? I've seen the Massive Dev Chart on this combination at 250asa and 400 asa so can just have a go, but thought there is probably some good advice to be had here.

If little or no penalty for going with box-speed I'd be keen to work at 400. If there is a penalty then a lower asa may be the way to go.

Thanks all,


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I would rate at 400 or so in average British light, at 500 if flat as a pancake and as low as 250 if using area metering and there is a very high contrast range. I typically rate it at 320 in sunny, contrasty conditions (outside the UK



As for times, I can give you mine which are for printing on a diffuser enlarger and to get a full tonal range. For a condenser or scanning these would be too high:


DDX 1+7 (I dont use 1+4) 23 degs C 9.5 mins. 20 secs agitation initially, then 3 good inversions per minute.


This is not a million miles away from the Ilford time for 1+4, 24 degs, 5 mins. I tend to find Ilford times (with some exceptions) result ina neg that is a little thin for my soft enlarger. You could try 23 degs, 1+7 and 8-8.5 mins if you want a lower contrast neg.

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