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M9 spotted in Leica Youtube Video...

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Hmmm... space for new battery...


Yep, I guess so...

and the same could have been kept in mind if I think of the absence of the led indicator on the top of the plate... free some space for the FF sensor.

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

the camera seems taller, both the space between the viewfinder and the top, and the viewfinder and the display is bigger, also the distance between the lettering and the socket, and both the display (as mentioned before) and the viewfinder are more to the left side...




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there must be some subliminal advertising...

moving back and forth that short take, makes me wanna buy an M9 and a bottle of Coke...


I didn't do Coke for me. Rather, I felt this strange urge to call my nearest Morgan dealer.



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Why do I feel so ignorant in not knowing who Rudi Spiller is?


Is he taking over for Kaufmann now?


And yes - that sure does look like the M9.


Yes, Rudi Spiller took over the CEO reins from Dr Kaufmann on 1 April this year. Dr Kaufmann still effectively owns Leica, through the majority shareholding of his holding company ACM.

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It's an M9 folks, Leica is announcing the "Next Generation of Leica Cameras" on 9.9.9 and take notice of the MP-like recessed area on the far left that is devoid of a rewind knob.


I wonder what that is all about. Too bad I can't afford it yet, I have 1,000 rolls of Kodachrome to shoot. Might be time to write a letter to Leica marketing to tell them that since I am going to be out in the real photo world with my Leica cameras for over a year on the road, I could help them sell the M9 with real photography instead of happy-snaps and "tests"...:-).

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The Dior or Chanel dress is way out of my budget too.

Just wait until Tiffany's gets into the game...

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