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Given Leica's dense and stupid pricing structure, an M9 will be overpriced, law of diminishing returns and all that.


I need to start reminding myself of that and stop reading these rumour threads. If anyone here thinks they can make a better picture with an M9 than someone with an M8, then let's have a shootout when it turn up


Talk the talk, but walk the walk

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It's actually the register on the Visoflex that is too long for the R lenses, but the point holds.

When I can't reach a book, is my arm too short or the shelf too high? It is just different systems. I think I'm right in a theoretical sense, though. The 400,560 and 800 telescopes were offered in two mounts - the V and the R mount, each with a different register

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Thanks Jaap - the coming event will be one year old when I start my time off.

My return to affluence is hindered by the amazing number of gadgets, clothes, toys and diapers that appear to be necessary. Plus the fact that I tend to buy lenses occasionally and still have an itch for a film body again...


But as I said elsewhere, the M8 was suddenly a revelation to me when I switched raw developers this month. From that point on I've really been loving the files, and can sit and stare at small details for almost hours at a time (that is, when the coming event has been put to bed and is sleeping sweetly).


So the 8 will be fine for a while. (Now, if Leica is around to fix it still when things go wrong... but that is a whole other kettle of fish...)



may I ask which Raw Processor you came from and went to?



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