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UV/IR filter lens compatability

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Leica states on the leaflet that comes with its UV/IR filters that they can only be used with coded lenses and the menu has to be set to "On with UV/IR". Does anyone have practical experience of using such a filter on an uncoded lens? And also without setting the menu as instructed? If the filter is required to filter out the infra red that the sensor filter lets through, I do not see why the filter won't work straight on the lens. Most of my lenses are not coded including the superb 135 f3.4 which, as repeatedly stated in other threads, works extremely well on the M8. Apologies if this topic has been covered but I have not found it.


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For wide-angles, the lens coding (and camera set to "On with UV/IR") is required with UV/IR filters, or the filters will impose a green tint to the corners (because the lens is seeing through the filter at an angle and thus a thicker distance of filtering).


For telephotos, the lens is seeing more or less straight through the filter even at the corners, so the filters can be used with no coding. Your 135mm is the extreme case for a tele on the M8 (no longer lenses are available for RF use). I use an uncoded 135 f/4 with no problem.


There is constant debate about exactly where in the focal length lineup the coding becomes required to avoid green or cyan corners. IMHO it is required for 15mm to 28mm lenses, marginal for 35mm lenses, and not needed for 50, 75, 90, or 135 lenses. Perfectionists will say even 35mm and 50mms need coding (but not longer). Many find a filtered, uncoded 28 acceptable.

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