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Flash with a MP/MP3

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Everyone has been very helpful with my first questions regarding the MP, M 6 etc. After a bunch of research I have narrowed it down to an M7 or MP 3 LSHA.


Now my big question is around using flash.


If I need to use flash is the M7 going to shine over the MP? If I use the MP then I suspect I just need to think a bit more when it comes to setting up the flash right?


After doing some reading on the flash units from Leica I can't help but think that the flash technology they have is definitely not what you can get today in the SLR world like canon. I was surprised to see that the Leica flash units don't even allow you to bounce.


So I am wondering if Metz has options for the MP or M7? Any tips on the best options? Are they better than the Leica options?





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Metz do have guns which work well with all modern Leicas, whether M or R.


Just make sure you buy the correct adaptor.

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I bought a kit for my M7 that consisted of a METZ 54-mz4i digital unit, and SC3502 shoe adapter (enables you to use TTL flash metering and second curtain synch and you can then see the flash metering indicators in your M7 viewfinder), a stroboframe bracket and a Nikon SC-28 cord that provides a hot shoe for the Metz on the upper part of the Stroboframe bracket, then the other end slides onto the hot shoe of the M7. Of course the Nikon cord and stroboframe you can mount the flash right on the camera. However, it's really helpful to use your flash off-camera. The Metz does bounce and has lenses that will switch between telephoto, wide angle and normal. They also have color tinted lenses for special effects.


Flash is fun.



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