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Leica focus ruler


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Yes I created it and if you MP me with your email address I'd be happy to send it to you.

Never mind they are attached to this post.

The first one, Leica Focus Chart, has small figure 8's and the other, Leica Focus Chart 2, has larger figure 8's.






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You just shoot at an angle of 45° on the main central line.

In my case, my last acquisition (75 Summilux) has been adjusted first by DAG, then

by Malcolm Taylor in the UK on an optical bench, and still I have it off by around 5 mm (frontfocus).

Using it mostly as a portrait lens at close range, it's pretty annoying.

Leica should really fix it free for their users. It's unbelievable that lenses

are so much front or backfocussing out of the box (granted, some are not,

but on a total of 7 lens, I had three that focussed Moscow when I focussed


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Quite by chance I had just created a template for this… PDF attached. What you do is print at 100% scale on decent paper, eg photo print paper, cut along the fine horizontal lines to isolate the two strips of vertical bars. These are at 14.14mm increments so if set with a vertical cut bisecting the "0" mark red bars and butted together the two halves could be taped, say, to a cardboard box or larger sheet. When the box or mounting board is angled at 45 degrees on plan to a tripod mounted camera with the lens centre on the same horizontal level as the rows of bars, a photo taken using the M8 rangefinder at a given distance (focused of course on the red stripe) will indicate, precisely in 1cm steps, the degree of front/back focus error.

Hope all this is clear to those unfamilar with the test method. It's easier to set a box at 45 degrees to a brick wall and have the camera facing the wall than trying to angle a tripod head at 45 degrees to look down on to a flat sheet of paper.

The cyan rectangle shows the depth of sensor in relation to the front of the M8 body, for those wishing to try focusing the lens via its peripheral markings with a tape measure to check the camera position in relation to the test sheet

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