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removing lens adapter?

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Hi - a Leica newbie here.


I have a Summaron 1:2.8 35mm #1677075. It appears to be a screw mount lens. I want to try it out on an M4.


Question: I have some other screw mount lenses with bayonet adapters fitted which mount successfully on the M4 - I would be very grateful if someone could tell me how to remover the adapter from one of those lenses and fit it to the Summaron?


I was told how to do this some time ago but I've forgotten what the trick was, and I don't want to break anything!


many thanks



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Hi, and Welcome!


the best way is to mount the bayonet mounted screw lens on the camera, and then unscrew!

Remove the mount from the camera, and screw it onto the new lens.

The only thing is that there were three types of adapter made, to bring up the correct framelines in the viewfinder. They are marked as 50mm, 90mm or 35/135mm, so choose the correct one.



Adapters: LTM to M




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you need the the original backlenscap of leitz bajonett lenses.

Moint the screwlens with the bajonettadapter on your M.

Than you have to unscew the lens, onley the lens. The adapter has to leave on the cam.

So don't press the release button of the M.

Now you need the back cap of the M- lense. Use the outside of the cap where you can see three little nobs. At the adapter also three little holes to fitt with the adapter like a tool.

Now you unscrew the adapter while pressing the releasebutton of the M.

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In relation to the safe removal of the m39/M-bayonet adapter i have made a small tool for this purpose.

Full details are available from the following site.


or if you require more information on this device please contact me by PM.







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