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Pscs4 upgrade question

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I just upgraded to PSCS4 and I have two questions:


1. Photoshop CS3 is still operative on my IMAC, do I need to trash this version?


2. ISilver Efex and Color Efex Pro are working with my PSC3 under the filters menu. How do I move these over to the new updated version?


Please explain in Third Grader terms, I'm a half decent photographer but lousy when it comes to this high tech stuff.



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Guest WPalank



1) You do not need to trash CS3.

2) From their website:


1. Navigate to the following location (*XX indicates the old Adobe Photoshop version number - e.g. CS3):


Macintosh: Macintosh HD | Applications | Adobe Photoshop XX | Plug-Ins


2. Drag and drop the entire Nik Software folder located in the Plug-Ins folder in Adobe Photoshop, as indicated in Step 1, to the desktop.


3. Navigate to the following location:


Macintosh: Macintosh HD | Applications | Adobe Photoshop CS4 | Plug-Ins


4. Drag and drop the Nik Software folder that was moved to the desktop into the Plug-Ins folder in the new version of Adobe Photoshop as indicated in step 3.


5. Restart Adobe Photoshop CS4. When Adobe Photoshop launches, the Nik Software filters should now be available via the filters drop-down menu or in the Nik Selective Tool.


If you would like to reinstall the software, please ensure that the correct destination directory (as indicated above in step 3) is selected during the installation.

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Guest WPalank


Your instructions were clear and precise. Thank you, thank you!


Thank god for "Command-C" and "Command-V" (on the Mac anyway)! ;)

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Also CS4 has a setting for an extra plug-in folder. You can specify your CS3 plugin folder for that. That will enable you to use all previously installed plug-ins provided they are compatible with CS4. This may generate one or two warning messages on start-up of CS4 though.

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