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Car magazine shots - specifically EVO

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Sorry but I don't understand. Just what are you talking about?

Honestly, to me, your post makes no sense what so ever.

Was there supposed to be a image posted with it???


I think he's saying that he reads the car magazine, "EVO," which I think is a British publication. And, he now thinks, having gotten deeper in photography, that the photos there are too saturated, contrasty, etc. So, he wants to know what PP they must have used. (Unless you read the title, the narrative in the post has no context.)


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Yes - sorry - that's right Jeff.


I have had a look at a couple of other car magazines this morning (not EVO) - and they're the same. All the photo's look like the contrast is way, way up and the saturation is ridiculous.


I guess this is to make the images stand out as very punchy which it must do but now I kind of know what I'm looking at a bit more it's really distracting!!

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Can't say I've picked up an issue of Evo in a while, but they used to do an excellent job of the photography when I read it.


I shoot a lot for car mags, and quite often the pictures don't get reproduced as I would like :(

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