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M8.2 review on The Digital Journalist, July 2009


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To quote DLK:

"The M8.2 comes with a realistically sized battery charger. Gone is the brick that was impossible to fit into any reasonable camera bag -- hopefully whoever made the original design decision has returned to his/her masonry job."


Absolute classic! Also true. ;)

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I am guessing it must just be me who never found the original M8 shutter noise objectionable and I do have an M4 to compare it with. I did not therefore opt for the shutter upgrade when I had the LCD and frames done - have not regretted it for an instant.


I do agree with David Keenan about the brick charger and the original rubber covering - mine now has Rollei black magic leather and I have bought the compact charger. I think there is a bit of journalese - making a bigger story than it really is, about this article. After the original sensor upgrade in November 2006, if you used manual WB (the earlier FW's Auto WB was less than perfect), the M8 of say December 2006 would take exactly the same quality of photos as the M8-2 of July 2009.



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David Keenan was an obnoxiously loud critic of the M8. IMHO he made far too much an issue of the noise and body covering. Personal taste is one thing but he made it sound like the camera was a disaster from start to finish and that everyone who bought one did so only because they were a sucker for the red dot.


Also note there are several factual errors in his M8.2 story in the link posted above, for example he says the lack of an AA filter was the root cause of the IR problem. Where does he get these so-called "facts"? I sure hope he's not a journalist.

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I simply bought the new charger as an accessory and saved myself a couple of grand. ;)


As far as the shutter sound is concerned, I think there's more variation in different units than some people may think.


This is true 100% - I have had three M8's and three M8.2's through my hands and ALL were slightly different. My 1st M8.2 which had the vertical line issue was sooooooo quiet and smooth. My replacement was closer n sound the M8! Not nearly as quiet and smooth sounding. Side by side there was a pretty noticeable difference.


I have a friends M8.2 here and his is quieter than mine. Also, out of the three M8's I have had, one was pretty quiet and two were louder.


So there is variation in the M8s and M8.2's in regards to the shutter sound/volume.

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As it happens both my M8s sound the same. But I do think the FW upgrades that Leica have made to the M8 have made it a significantly better camera today than in 2006. Had they been upfront with IR filter thing, not had to recall the first bodies, had better FW from the start, made a different choice on the framelines and chosen a more traditional Leica covering the reception would have been much better.


I sometimes work with people talking to them as I photograph and dont really think the shutter sound causes a problem. A big DSLR is another problem, it so so difficult to shoot informally.


In open spaces the shutter sound has never given me a problem and I can now use the delayed advance which is some help because the duration of the noise is shorter, but in fact I rarely use it. And I still have occasions when 1/8000 is needed.



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I agree with the comment that the M8.2 is the camera that most users wish Leica had originally shipped. That certainly summarizes my conclusions. I have both models (and an M2, so I know how the cloth horizontal shutter used to sound). I don't mind the shutter sound as much as the grittiness of the release, but I still manage to get 1/15 and sometimes 1/8 shots to work reliably. I'm finding the framelines on the M8.2 are a big improvement in forming the whole image at any reasonable distance.



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