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bad sandstorm coming


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one gets inside (and so does some of the sand, of course, however well sealed-up you are). some of these have high winds, and the gusts can be rough, but mostly the sandstorms are not like this -- it's "just the sand blowing."


The interesting thing to me about this occasion, the strong wind being out of the west directly to the east, was that, looking straight west (as in this foto), this is what one saw -- and all the way to the north -- but, looking directly south, the cloud of dust (blowing eastward) was about a mile away and already a half mile or so to the east past where I was shooting this foto. I have never seen this before. From above it must have looked like a giant, quickly-moving L-shaped dustcloud. Of course, I don't know what it looked like further south.


Good to hear from you, Linda -- congrats again on the LFI shot & thanks for coming all the way down here in "Other"!

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