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Poll - Would you have bought an R10?


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I picked up an R6 and a couple of lenses, partly because I wanted a fine mechanical SLR and in a large par because I was excited about the R10. If the price was have come in at less than $7000 US, then yes I would have bought one.


Looking at the R6 now; I'm glad to have it, but have to say that the potential for the R10 becoming a reality really pushed my interest into buying an R camera in the first place. While I don't regret the decision now that R line is discontinued, I probably wouldn't have bitten off on the investment knwoing what we know today.


As for the "upcoming digital solution for R lenses", I am interested in using an SLR far more than a so-called EVIL camera. Time, however, will tell what becomes of my budding R-system...

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Obviously 1, maybe 2. DMR is amazing but an R10 it's in my dream list. I'm very disatisfied with Leica because of the decision to terminate R-Line. Not a reasonable move to strength the youth of its current users. Better thousands of happy R users with R10 (also at not a reasonable market price) than a lot of people who feel like an abandoned kid with no returning way. Also with an R10 with 499$ street price Leica wouldn't have japanese market share figures. At Leica marketing-men should maintain current users as minimum target not trash it.

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