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Pop -


This is delightful for composition, geometry, detail, light and color, but it seems a bit veiled or dull. I tried adding some shadow and highlight slider action for this version:

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Excellent! This is a great example of how this forum works. You had a great idea with a fine original image, then Stuart made it excellent and Jon turned it into an exceptional image. I love it when that happens:)

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Stuart -

Thank you for your assessment. For once, the original version of the image comes closer to the subject than your spruced-up version. Nonetheless, what it lost in fidelity it gained in 'punch'. Thanks again.


Jon -

Thanks for calling those ugly scars to my attention and for showing to me that they can be mended. It seems that they damaged the negatives in the lab.


Virgil -

I quite agree. I am learning here so fast that I will overtake HCB somewhen this coming autumn.

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