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VOTE HERE for Barnack Challenge #9

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A word from your invigilator!


Voting ENDS at Midnight GMT+1, that is Midnight (BST) in the UK 1 am CET, or just over 1 hour and 20 minutes away!


Any votes cast after that time (assuming I am not still awake to call a halt - it's a "school night", after all

) will NOT count.


Carry on...





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1st, three points, Octo, Fondation Maeght

2nd, two points, Dr No, Leica man

3rd, one point, Christoph_D, The Photographer


Good fun. I'm sorry not to have managed to enter this one. I found myself in Florence on the day before the shooting period started, surrounded by people taking photographs, and I took lots of pictures of them, gazing up at the Duomo. But in the actual week, I did not manage to find time and space to take any photographs at all. There you go! Next time....


All the best, John

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