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VOTE HERE for Barnack Challenge #9

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Please cast your votes on this thread, in the usual manner.


FIRST PLACE - 3 points

SECOND PLACE - 2 points

THIRD PLACE - 1 point


Please state who you are voting for CLEARLY. One, or two votes will be regarded as a "spoiled ballot" and will NOT be counted.


All the entries can be seen here: http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/other-photographers/89654-barnack-challenge-9-other-photographers-post.html


Voting will end at Midnight GMT +1 on the 19th July.


Good luck to all!





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Here are the votes for the Frimley jury:


First, 3 points, Christoph_d. This is a timeless shot that brings to my mind Rodchenko. There is an air of mystery about it too. I absolutely love it.


Second, 2 points, Octo. Again, I think that this is absolutely in the Barnack "vibe". This makes me think of Picasso, and the intimate family photos that were taken in the 1950s. There is a formality to it, and a modernism too.


Third, 1 point, Telewatt. This just makes me smile every time I see it. I have no idea of the age of the subject, but it speaks to me of sunny afternoons, perhaps a fete in a small village, and a lady who has mastered the TLR years ago and continues to use it in defiance of more modern "fashion".


I have said it before, but the standard in this competition just keeps going up. Really, really well interpreted, and a testament to how talented photographers can get the best out of this simple but elegant equipment. Voting just gets harder and harder, and I must give an honourable mention to Mobi - what an idea!





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Here are my votes:

3points to octo:fondation maeght

2poonts to telewatt:the hat

1point to uliwer:swan


I really liked the radar photo but unfortunately I can't put 2 names exaequo. Great jobs guys!

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