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Metrolina Flea Market Series (1-8)


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A big Thank You to Thatcher Cook (Untitled Document) for the wonderful workshop.


Critiques and comments very welcome.

























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Super series for subject, B&W tones, composition and moments captured.

That's sure something serious in the brocante field...

# 2 and 3 those I prefer.



At a second take i also like quite a lot #8

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You've certainly captured the atmosphere of this sort of event ... viewing your images, I can feel myself there and even feel the heat. Good work.


I love #3 -- it's clear the gentleman already has taken more of her time than she's willing to give.

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Gentlemen, thank you so much for your kind comments!


As I mentioned at the top of the post, I took these during a workshop with Thatcher Cook - a fantastic and very inspiring documentary photographer. We were 6 participants. What struck me the most was:


1) taking the time to go out with the freedom to only shoot yields great results. In "subject, composition and light", I (we?) often neglect "subject". Of course, I also only get meaningful time concessions for birthday and pool parties these days...


2) visions and styles differ greatly. At the end of the workshop we each selected our 10 best pictures (I couldn't and had to go with 13 :)) to submit them for general critique by Thatcher and the group. We were all astonished by how widely the photos we had taken differed in vision and style! During the preceding 3-hour shoot, I vividly remember thinking that certainly everybody else would be attracted to the same subjects and come back with exactly the same pictures. I couldn't have been more wrong. There were the bight-color macro photos isolating specific, big objects; there was a series exclusively composed of repetitive patterns of small objects; there were the spectacular abstract and geometric compositions; and there were my B&W people shots...


It's also interesting to see how most of the comments in this post highlight different pictures, and there don't seem to be 1 or 2 single winning photo.


Thanks again for the comments!

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