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V-Lux w/ Pocket Wizard for off Camera flash F4 Manual

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Hello Most Highly Esteemed Fellow Members:

I am thrilled to own and shoot a V Lux 1. I am a professional and use mostly medium (Hasselblad) and large (Sinar) digital cameras. However, times being tough and clients being more frugal, I decided recently to shoot some of my portraits and fashion product images with my Leica V Lux. Camera Question is:

When mounted on the hot shoe of the Leica V Lux and the Camera setting is on Manual (as it always should be!), the aperture defaults to -and remains immutably and unchange-ably on- F4.

I have read the manual which claims that if the camera is on Aperture priority, the F stop will always be F4. However, the manual claims If the camera is set on Manual, the aperture is user adjustable. This does NOT seem to be the case when using the Pocket Wizard mounted in the Hot shoe.

The camera is indeed good enough to use for commercial work, but it sorely needs to be capable of F stop adjustment when using off camera strobes.

Any advice from anyone with experience in this matter?

Thanks in advance,

Wick Beavers

Fine Commercial, Advertising and Portraiture Photography by Award Winning Photographer Wick Beavers

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The best feature of the V-lux is its ability to sync at high speeds. First, put a flash gun or trigger device in the hotshoe. Next, turn it ON, so that the camera can recognize that there is a device in the shoe. Then, turn on the camera, set mode on M, scroll down thru the menu to EXT FLASH and change it from Preset to Manual. Now you have complete control of the F/stops. It is set until you change it (never). There are limits: F/2.8-3.6 to 1/1000. F/4.0 -5.0 to 1/1300, F/5.6-7.1 to 1/1600. While you can sync at 1/1600, you may have to run some tests with your remote trigger system.

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