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Two Problems in Two Weeks Shooting with the M8 in Hawaiian Islands

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I just returned home from a two week trip to the Hawaiian Islands of Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii. I left all my DSLRs at home and took nothing but my M8, CV15, 24mm elmarit, 35mm cron, and 90mm cron.

I shot over 3000 images and experienced TWO MAJOR problems, one occurrance where all of a sudden the camera had a internal error where a portion (top third) of the image records and the images that are subseqently shot DO NOT get recorded but (This the warning) displays on the review screen as whatever number sequence .DNG or .JPG.

so a strong word of warning, if you see this squence of picture information on a black screen, immediately remove the battery and the card from the camera, then replace them. This seem to clear the problem and the subsequent shots resume being recorded onto the card.

YES, Strange as the last partially recorded image shows complete on the camera LCD but when downloaded only shows the partial upper third. All subsequent shots are faint memories until you do the reset.


During my stay, I attended a Hawaiian Luau at the Hilton Waikola Resort and shot that with my 90mm cron. The stage lighting was rather poor so I decided to kick up the ISO to 640 and I even tried a few at 1250 but the noise was quite visible. I was thinking, why don't I have my D3's to use! A review of my shots only found about a third usable due to lighting conditions and my ability to manually maintan focus on moving dancers with a shallow depth of field. Worst of all, many of the two thirds un-usable images exhibit the dreaded blooming pixel. Blue pixels in the same spot in the image on several images. I've attached one example though they appear faint on the post, they are brighter on my laptop screen. See inside the circle on the left and near the dancer on right at the grass skirt fringe.


I sent my M8 in to Leica in NJ in January where they were to have replaced the sensor due to a worse mulit-color pixel bloom and white vertical line condition as well as the upgrade.

Now it appears I will be sending it back to them again and hopefully I will get it back before I head off to Hong Kong and Shanghai in August.


Has anyone else here experienced this? I'm not happy.

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I've owned my M8 since the first editions came out and just returned from a road trip where I experienced the first strange behavior from the camera. I was shooting in low light on a tripod, ISO 160 with my 21 and 28 Elmarits. I switched over to my 35 pre ASPH Lux and took about a half dozen photos then the camera shutter would open but not close. I tried about three shots and all the same it was as if the camera was trying a long exposure. I put the 28 back on and the camera worked fine. I continued shooting for two more days with no issues but did not have an occasion to use the 35 Lux again. Strange.

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The buffer problem must be very frustrating. I have never had this issue but would not be happy with this error.


The photographs honestly look like user induced mistakes. The quality of the image lies with the user.


They all seem quite out of focus and the metering seems incorrect. In Hawaii there is alot of green, so I always meter off the grass or plants and adjust from there.


I have had some great shots at 1250, shadows at that iso will be noisy. 2500 is great for black and white, is it has a great film like quality.


Ill bet your next 3000 shots will be much better.

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