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Macro-Adapter with all 90mm lenses?


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Do you have any experience using the Macro-Adapter M with lenses other than the 90mm Macro Elmar-M? While that lens is especially suited for use with the adapter, there would seem to be no reason why the adapter wouldn't work with other lenses, too. Clearly, a macro lens design will perform somewhat better for close-up work. And presumably the adapter only adjusts frame-line parallax properly for the 90mm focal length. It seems, then, that the adapter would work with any of the 90mm M lenses. Has anyone tried this?





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When you use the 90mm Elmar with the macro adapter, the lens is mounted upside down to present a different depth of field scale to the user and, more importantly, a different profile focussing cam. If you try to use another 90mm lens, you risk damaging the lens or macro adapter or both. It really is only intended for use with the 90mm Elmar.

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