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Stop-motion animation and D3


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I have heard that some image processors have a "life". In other words, they will process a certain amount of images then "croak".


Is this true?


I am currently producing a Bravo style classical music video. A lot of the 4 minutes will be taken up by stop-motion photography. Owing to the thousands upon thousands of dollars it costs to have people standing around on set or out in the field, you can just imagine how wonderful a dead image processor would be at that time :)


I'll put it to you this way: to have a guy stand around with a gas-powered generator, fill it with gas and let the lighting guys plug in to it... well, that's $500 a day.


We've budgeted $600 for shiddy trays of sandwiches.


What a frigging money pit.


Anyway, I will post a short segment here tonight.

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