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Is the M8 really a 'PRO' camera?

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I guess we need definitions of what a pro is, and what a pro camera is. Naturally we'd have a thread of several hundred posts and still not agree on either those <grin>.


For the record there's a least one full time pro on the forum - erl - who makes his living using M8s.




I'm sure there are some (as on this forum, there always are) who will be chomping at the bit to jump on this post and start an argument over my response, but here goes...


A professional photographer (aka "pro") is one who will not ask in a forum what lens to use, or what camera to use, or what software to use, or what tripod to use, or what lighting system to use, or what bag to use, or... well, you get the picture (pun intended). By the time one is earning a living with a camera, one should have those answers resolved in their head. A professional photographer should a clear understanding of the tools of their trade and the technical details behind them. When I read posts here that indicate the person does not comprehend light and exposure techniques, they can hardly call themselves "professional."


Mind you, I am not talking about the accountant, doctor, CEO, teacher, whatever, who shoots an event on a weekend and gets paid for it. I am talking about someone who's family is fed, clothed, housed, and educated by their full-time occupation using a camera. Errors made as a result of not having answers to the above-mentioned questions are not critical if photography is a hobby or a part-time occupation.


I have never had a client ask me what camera I was going to use before a shoot, nor what camera I used afterwards. A client will tell me what the final use of an image will be, and I know immediately what camera format to use. Actually, let me rephrase that I have almost never had that question asked. A few of the AD's that I worked with were avid amateir photographers and could not resist asking, but never as a qualification to accomplish the assignment.


To those chomping on the bit, don't waste your time, I do not respond here often, life is too short and time is too precious to waste my time on arguing.

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Thanks for posting the photo of SoHo. I do not know of another place with sidewalks that have huge granite slabs and steel deck plate. You have made me want to go back to Moss, Ingo Maurer, USM Haller, and Gourmet Garage.

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