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Hedge (not Fund)

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Glad you found the resize button :D. Nice composition and pleasing to the eye indeed.


Some thoughts (as you're on that curve :p):

- see what happens when you work a little on contrast and tonality

- try some sharpening in the centre


I don't know what you're using: photoshop, iphoto, elements, aperture, but most of them allow you to do some curves.


Sharpening is always "less is more", but a little touch to focus might enhance it.


But that's all me nagging and on the same learning curve.



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Steve -


There is something very appealing about the complexity and composition, but I don't quite know what. I too felt it needed post processing and did a very quick adjustment. I'm certain other Forum members can do a better adjustment than I did.

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Thanks very much for the suggestions and comments. I'm trying to get my head round Elements 3 which came with my Digilux 3. It's finding the time with family life and work to read the books and keep repeating what has been learnt. I'll have a go at sharpening and levels(?) Marco, thanks.


I really like what Stuart has done there and it has changed the photo. That being said, I quite like the dreamy aspect to the original.


I'll hopefully get some more shots posted now I've found that resize button.:cool:




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