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Questions to Leica

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as you may know we'll in two weeks have our annual member meeting in Solms and the Hessenpark. As every year we'll have an Q&A session with some Leica product managers.

In order to get the most out of it, this year we collect your questions and sort them into categories.

So - what are your questions to Leica?

In this thread no discussions please but only your questions as clear and brief as possible!


PS: If you want to attend the member meeting - we still accept registrations!
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Top Posters In This Topic

An update on the R series successor please, a timepath if possible and a firm statement on retrocompatability of the current R lenses.

+1! Have three nice R lenses and sold my R8 body, so I'm ready!

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Well, since there's no harm in asking:):


1. Is the launch of the S2 on track and can we have information on the date and price?

2. Ditto Jaaps question on the R, and will it be an R or S model?

3. Will the next digital M development to be an M9 FF or a further M8 iteration?

4. Do Leica have any future plans re 4/3rds or micro 4/3rds?

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Guest Posto 6

Any possibility of extending a la carte concept across Solms-made camera products, including lenses and digital ranges (M8, S2, and, PLEASE, R10)?

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Much as above, plus one on compact digitals:


1) When will the R10 be released? Is there more detail?


2) Will Leica produce a full-frame M8?


3) Has Leica got any plans for a new compact digital, like an updated CL?


4) Is the S2 on track?

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- Will future Ms be available in black chrome or only in black paint (which I really don't like) as the M8.2?


- Is there any active development going on for the M8's firmware or is that now limited to just updating the lens code table?


- Carl

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