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My other car is a diesel - R8 & R10


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Paul - Thank you. Interestingly, the R10 TDI qualifies for California's current emissions standards, though I doubt its fuel economy is acceptable to the EPA.


John - Thank you. You put me in mind of a low-budget western in which a prized saddle horse is terribly misused for drayage. BTW: There wasn't enough room to get the full R8 (image #5) in frame through the windows of the closed showroom without blocking some of the image..

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beautiful shots - i especially like #1, 3 and the last one!


@ paul - i'm driving a diesel audi (just an a3) and it's a lot of fun to have a torque of nearly 400 Nm in such a small vehicle. it's true that raw emissions of diesel engines are inherently dirtier than those of gasoline engines - this is due to high compression ratios and inhomogenous loading of fuel and air. local concentrations of fuel in the combustion chamber will create soot during the combustion process, areas with excess air cause NoX. however, a combination of exhaust-gas recirculation, particle filter and NoX reduction (either via catalyst or urea injection) can take care of most of that dirt. gasoline engines don't have that problem because of homogenous loading and because combustion happens at much lower pressure. Hence the softer sound and poorer fuel efficiencies. sorry for the long sermon - but i just like engines ... :)



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Thanks for your reply, it was quite interesting.


And Markus, I hope you didn't take offence at my comments about the EPA. As far as I am concerned, they ought to leave auto drivers alone and measure the pollution coming out of the blowhard politicians in Washington.



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