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Ehm... Unless your Exlim has a Leitz lens, I fear you will be executed at dawn by the firing squad for posting a picture not taken with a Leica prop of some kind...

By the way, is that a painted mural?

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Tamuna -


I've deleted your photo.


Was it too subtle for you that I deleted your previous post and gave as the reason that the photo was not made with either a Leica camera or a Leica lens? Many of us have excellent photos made with other gear that we do not post here because of the rules. The Forum rules state that you must have used one or the other or both for any photo posted here. Please comply with the rules.


Want a small camera to have with you at all times that meets the rules and won't cost you much? Look into the Pansonic point-and-shoot cameras, some of which have Lecia lenses. I always have one with me.

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That's Enrico.

Not at all Tamuna, but you know this is the "Leica" forum. If you allow Exlim pictures than you have to allow Nikon ones and then Canon and Rolleiflex and Kodak Instamatic as well and this forum turns quickly out to be Flickr 2.

I'm sure there is the "Exlim" forum somewhere out there where Leica pictures are forbidden... ;)

As Stuart pointed out, there are also great Panasonic (Leica lenses) and Leica point & shoot cameras very small and at low price.

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