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What happend to dignity


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A few shots from the above selected positions....










Bill and I took the day for a Death Valley run Saturday morning. He was shooting film and I was shooting the M8, along for the ride was my new 15/4.5 Aspherical Super-Wide Heliar from Camera Quest. I had coded it as a 21mm to avoid the menu for the wate. but one of the images with a completely even tone make me question that choice a little.


Interestingly, on the way home departing scottys castle, we chose to go north and left around the top of the Death Valley and got to enjoy this fantastic scenic route home. arrival at home around 1am.


Naturally the trip included a few more lenses, particularly the 75 and 35 did see a good deal of action, the 28 was kind of ignored because every time I wanted wide the 15 got pulled out. The lens have a UV/IR filter and camera was set to on and recognize.


This was really a very enjoyable lens to shoot with and I found that it probably was involved in close to half of the pictures from the day.

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Great pictures all. Perfect lighting,clarity and color. This reminds me of a trip My wife and I made through Death Valley some twenty years ago, only we did it in early August. Bad mistake!!! It was so hot we didn't even stop to get many pictures. I was more worried about our car overheating. Nevertheless, it was an unforgetable adventure.



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Marco, thank you sir, the second set of images was from the viewpoints depicted in the first set. :D


Paul, Death Valley in late summer is pretty hot, however I have had good fun bringing guests even then, the heat simply is a experience in its own right.


Kirk, thank you sir.



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Bo, interesting series. The light is as sharp as a knife. I like very much the pattern of the dried up mud (some cyan drift in it?) and those rusty pipes crawling in the sunlit desolation. Strong pictures.

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