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Right flash to fill in?

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A nice thunderstorm passed by. Poor lad on the rooftop ;)

Gear on the balcony (covered) and trial & error. The rain kind of blurred the view. Wonder if the big raindrops can be removed in PP?

This is the best but with the rainy season going for the next months other might follow.

Two versions; color and B/W

Any recommendations are welcome.

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A very difficult shot to catch, but beautiful and dramatic. I'd iteratively boost highlights and shadoes to produce somehting like what you see below. Then I'd try to clone out the large rainspots. It is such a good image it is worth the effort.

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Dear Stuart,

What I like about the original is that with the exception of the lightning, the entire "scene" is somewhat hazy/blurred because of the strong rain. Just boosting HL and SD makes it to my taste too grainy and "dirty". I have been trying several adjustments and finally after removing the raindrops in Aperture, I superposed 3 images, 2 of them with a blurred sky in Photoshop. In case you have good suggestions, don't hesitate :)

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