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First scan tri-x and coolscan 5000


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Any comments or recommendations appreciated. Greyscale, 16xmultipass and 16 bit tiff. Think I've got the salt and pepper thing going, though I'm pretty happy as a novice.


Might give Vuescan a go.


Is photoshop the best product for touching up dust, dirt and scratches?








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Looks OK to me.


The "salt and pepper" thing isn't really visible at this scale.


Have you had a look at the Tri-X, scanned on a Coolscan with Vuescan in one of the Social Groups?




There are some more in one of my albums here, too




I assume that the grain visible in Tri-X shots is what you are describing as "salt and pepper"?

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No ICE, don't forget! :)


Adjust the B&W type, to get the best spread of the curve in the panel below. It's very difficult indeed to get a curve that goes from zero to 100%, in my experience.






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