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Diopter saga


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To my original post, all of the theoretical questions could be bypassed if Leica provided a test set to retailers that we could use and see for ourselves -- or provided a built-in diopter adjustment. If, say, the Megaperls can include an adjustment, it is hard to see why Leica cannot provide one.


Where I live it is difficult to mail order items but I may get the Megaperls instead of pursuing Leica alternatives.


Thanks everyone for the comments.





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.....................................Whether the scene/object your are looking at is 1 meter away or 40000000 meters away it is always project to your eye as being 2 meters in front of you. Otherwise you would need to change the diopter correction, even the base built in diopter correction, depending on how far away the scene/object is you are trying to focus on.

Your eye always see what is in front of the camer AT the same distance


Unfortunately that's not true, I have very limited accommodation and it's a real problem when changing subject distance. There is one diopter value which works for me at one subject distance. Change the distance and I have to change the diopter. That why I had to purchase a 1.15 magnifier with adjustable diopter correction.



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