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First go with the D-Lux 4


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So I got one on monday to replace my Ricoh GX-100. I was sooooo happy with the Ricoh both in terms of IQ and ergonomics/controls. Ricoh REALLY knows how to make a camera for a photographer. I was just looking to take the next step in IQ and since it will be a little bit before Ricoh puts out their next generation of cameras I figured I'd try the Leica.


So far... I'm still iffy. Was definitely having doubts until i took the shots below last night, after I had a chance to figure out some of the settings and controls. So far it looks like I'm going to be pretty happy with the image quality. Controls on the other hand I'm still not sure of. Most stuff is easy enough but I do miss the rotating wheels from the Ricoh, similar to slr cameras like nikon. Also, something about the handling and controls of the Ricoh was just so natural from the start. The Ricoh was simpler and more stripped down. Right now that seems like a bit of a downer for me but that will probably change as I learn and get used to the Leica. I can't really say much else because I only played with it for a day. I'm still a bit skeptical but optimistic and keeping an open mind. I really WANT the Leica to be better than the Ricoh. But in the end, if it doesn't work out then Ricoh's next gen will be coming out and the Leica holds it's value well enough to make the switch. We shall see!


So anyway, here's the first few shots (out of quite a few from experimenting with different settings) that I was pretty pleased with. Pleased enough to change my mind from thinking I may have made a mistake, to "wow, maybe I made the right decision afterall.... maybe."









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Hi D2mini,


Hope you enjoy the DL4 as much as so many others here. There were comments here a few months ago regarding the lack of depth control when compared to the M8. Your photo does a nice job showing what it can accomplish.



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Thanks for the comments!


firoze, these were all handheld.

The fly is a bit out of focus because of this (well, wind probably played a role in that, too).


I think the bokeh is pretty impressive for a p&s camera.

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