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Lens rebate - good news, bad news

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I received a letter from Leica USA offering a mail in rebate for purchase of a new M lens between 5-1-09 and 6-30-09. Good news. The offer is $500 for lenses over $5000, $400 for lenses 4-5K, $300 for lenses 3-4K and $200 for lenses 2-3K. All good, especially as I was considering a 21 summilux, over $5000, so a $500 rebate could decide the issue. Then the bad, and weird news. Fine print says the 21 and 24 summiluxes, and the new 0.95 noctilux are excluded from the rebate. What's weird is- are there any new M lenses, other than the 3 excluded ones, that cost more than $5000? Not that I am aware.


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