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8 May 1979 is the day that I bought my very first Leica, an R3. It is this camera that started my serious love and passion for photography and Leica. It had a very active life in its early years and has taken some of my favourite images. It has not been used for some years now, but it is in lovely condition and still works perfectly. I love this camera and would never part with it.


I have taken some birthday pictures of it. See if you can spot the image taken with an M8.


Here's to the next 30 years.



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Sweet camera. You've clearly taken excellent care of it, and anything you take care of you deserve to own. That was one of the Holy Grail cameras of my teens and somewhere I still have the sales brochure for it. Never got one, though -- at least not yet!


30 years ago, I got my first Nikon F2 and was given a 200 Nikkor-Q. The original camera was stolen, but I still have the second one I bought a few years later and still have that 200. I recently digitized an uploaded the first Kodachromes I shot with that camera-lens combination.

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Very nice R3.


30 years ago I got my first Nikon EM with motordrive and 50/1.8 in confirmation gift. Wow!


Did see Leica ads then and dreamed of it.


It's strange, but not until 2001 did I get a Minilux, and then a few more Leica cameras ;-)


To remedy the slow start three of my preferred film cameras are from 1974 (M4 and the two Leicaflex SL)

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Leica R3 is my first Leica camera and was also bought 30 years ago. At that time I had to sell my Nikon F2A and a few Nikkor lenses to fund a R3 body, Summicron-R 1:2/50 and Summicron-R 1:2/90.


In later years I collected 4 Leica R3 bodies, i.e. one Safari, two black chromes, and one R3mot. I still consider R3 as the most well-balanced R bodies and use them most often for film shooting.


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