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Help with PS CS3 Bridge/ACR

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Hi, I've been using PS with Bridge since CS and am now on CS3.


I use ACR to "develop" my DNGs on one computer and often want to access the same files on another computer on my network.


At the moment I don't seem to be able to set the settings so that the development I do on one computer is visible on the other. So that e.g. I can continue on the second computer where I left off on the first. This is very frustrating and I'm sure that it should be possible. I have looked at the cache settings, but nothing seems to make any difference.


I'm sure this is really simple, but it escapes me at the moment. Can anyone help? Thanks.



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A dumb/basic question: you're clicking "Done" when you're through processing?


Any further access to the file should give you that version - unless the 2d computer's ACR is set to its own defaults or to Auto, which would override the "Done" version.



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Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.


Yes, I click "done" to save the processing. But I'll check the settings on computer two.


In Camera Raw Settings - I have set "save image settings" to "sidecar .xmp files"; "ignore sidecar .xmp fles" is unchecked


This always used to work OK and I don't know what I might have upset to bring about this problem.


Any more ideas anyone?




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No, I couldn't come up with anything either! :)


But just in case anyone looks in and wants to help, everything seems back to normal. Previously developed files on Computer 1 now show up on Computer 2 as they should with the develop settings intact.


I've no idea what happened, but suspect it must be something to do with the computers or network or something, rather than the settings in ACR or Bridge.


Anyway, if you are reading this, thanks for looking in.



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Thanks for the suggestion.


Its an idea, but my firewalls usually notify me when they are thinking of blocking a software action, or when new software is installed. However, there was a recent glitch with my anti-virus software and my email program. A reboot sorted it out - maybe this also sorted out the other problem.


And there is nothing new on my system that I can think of. Still, everything seems to be OK now.


Computers, eh, don't you just love them?!



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