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B o A's use of TARP funds?


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cool shot, stuart! i really like perspective, colors and interplay between sun and shadow.




ps - finally a pleasing perspetive on the financial services industry ... :D

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Markus, Paul & AD - Thank you, and yes this activity makes the walking commute much more fun.


Ben - Thank you, and I like the special trip to Valhalla idea, though we may wish to forego the normal prerequisite deaths before lighting the boats and setting them adrift..

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Sad nobody mentioned the TARP funds.


Are we afraid to say how Trillions are being missued ? We don`t want to admit the collosal error yet ?


Just to put this whole thing in perspective the debt is now $36,700 for every man woman and child. I could pay my share. So could my kids. But most can`t and we will pay interest on it for decades. It is like a mortgage, by the time it is done, the interest cost is greater than the purchase price.


Never fear, the government never runs out of money. They just put on an addition shift at the printing plant.


The latest fiasco is with Chrysler. They are screwing the bond holders out of liquidation proceeds and giving it to the unions with 55% ownership. Should be very interesting how the company makes a profit or doesn`t. Maybe they will just pay it all out in wages and let the stock go to zero. Heck with the other 45% of the owners.


Or maybe they will act like owners. Time will tell.


You see he said he was going to "spread the wealth around". Now you see the details. Just like Robin Hood, take from those who earned it and give it to those who didn`t.

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