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Lightroom 2 Compatibility

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Can't help re Photoshop John, but what I can say is that the upgrade from 1 to 2 is very much worth it! A number of extra tools in the Develop module means that you can do more without having to leave LR, to say nothing about general improvements.

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LR2 works great with CS3 and CS4. Haven't got CS2 installed on a PC that has LR2, but I'll see if my old retired box still spins and install LR2 there to test.


I would regardless think that you could always go via TIFFs and you should not have any problem at all. This is how I work if I have to bring a file into PS as I don't want PS/ACR to touch my files. LR is OK as it doesn't change files unless you explicitly tell it to.


As Brian says, LR2 is vastly improved over LR1, I do less and less with digital shots in PS, the film scans is still another matter.


- Carl

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I'm thinking of upgrading from Lightroom 1 to Lightroom 2 but am concerned about compatiblity with my version of Photoshop - I have PS2 on a MAC G5. Can anyone reassure me that Lightroom 2 will work with PS2?


I have PS V6 (Right about 6+? years old) and LR 2.3 installed on my office PC and LR works fine with this version of PS.

What it does is Exports a TIF, IIRC, to older versions of PS.

No LR version work seamlessly with PS. It always exports a PSD or TIF file to be edited in PS.

So NO worries. If LR1 works with your version of PS LR2.x will also.

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I use LR 2.3 with CS2 (Windows). Works great. Anything specific you're concerned about?


You'll like the local adjustment tools once you get used to them. Find a good book or some web tutorials because there really is a lot there.



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